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Thursday, September 21

Lovely Green Daygown

Washed and Pressed!!

This Daygown was made using my Sweet and Simple Baby Daygown Pattern.  It was featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine. Unfortunately I don't remember which issue it was :(  

However, the embroidery is in my Jeannie B Embroidery book
 The yoke design is  on page 23 at the top left.

The embroidery just above the hem (on either side of the front opening) is on page 30.

The embroidery was stitched using Madeira Silk Embroidery floss and probably a 10 Crewel needle with a 10 Straw needle for the Bullions.

The fabric is soft mint green Fairy Fabric.

This pattern features underarm tucks.

Very old fashioned and the add a bit of extra room to the gown.

I stitched lace insertion right above where the hem was stitched.  
Then I pinstitched it by machine.
Gathered lace and whipped it to the lower part of the lace insertion.

The matching  Bonnet is also washed and   ironed!

Ready for the new Grandbaby were expecting.


I forgot about a slip… I'm busy stitching!

More Green Daygown  to follow...

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1 comment:

Jean said...

I love it! It's beautiful, and I am so fond of those little underarm tucks.

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