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Saturday, October 7

French Acadian Baby Slip

Continuing my French Acadian Baby Gown post (Christening Gown pattern shortened to gown length).   I want to show you the slip.  

This slip is worn under the Gown that I gave as my Baby Shower gift.

The neck edge was finished by turning the fabric under 1/8" twice and stitched in place with a Running Stitch.
I embellished the neck edge with Over Tucks/Whip Tucks.  They were stitched 1/2" apart.  They take up such a tiny amount of fabric that I didn't need to allow extra fabric in the slip.

A sweet Old Fashioned Bullion Rose sits at the bottom of each tuck.
Little green leaves extend below them.

I finished the armholes with an old fashioned Shell Hem.

The hem of the slip has the same Maline Victorian Lace Edging as the Gown.
I gently gathered it to give it a bit of a ruffle.

I attached the lace using the sewing machine  Roll and Whip method.

I wanted soft ruffles in my lace and not tight gathers.

To achieve the soft gathers and to have additional control over the gathering, I pulled up three of the threads in the lace heading.  More info HERE.

Each lace is different as to the number of threads you can pull to gather.  You will need to experiment.  Most laces I would only gather two threads but this lace had a bit of wide heading and I had a much better result by pulling three.

The most important part of pulling the thread in the lace heading is to be gentle and slow.  The more threads you pull, the greater the resistance.  If you are not slow and easy, the fragile thread can break.

I learned this lesson the hard way!!

May you have days of joyful sewing on little garments.

Jeannie  :)

Copyright 2017 Jeannie Baumeister

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