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Monday, September 6

Pillows and a Granddaughter

I had a visit from my  Granddaughter over the weekend.
It was fun!

Fabric selected for the theme she has going  on in her bedroom.

Some planning and cutting.

At the end of the day, we had made three pillows for her to take home.

And a picture from her of the pillows decorating her bed.
That was quick!

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Cat said...

What great memories! That is invaluable--and the pillows are very cute! (Minkee--that difficult fabric gives me fits! :)

Rettabug said...

Very stylish & up to date & how wonderful that you are teaching her the love of sewing at such a young age. I wish someone had shown me back then. I wouldn't be struggling to keep up & learn so much now.

Jeannie, I'm looking over your shoulder as you do the sew along. Thanks for showing & sharing your talents so much.
I'm too swamped with Halloween costumes & a 70th birthday quilt to take on the baby daygown right now but I am learning along with you & the others.


Julia said...

I love her bedding and the pillows!!!!

Laurie said...

What fun! I love the pillows - beautiful work!

Sherry Richardson said...

Maybe I can come be a granddaughter too!!!! You give me inspiration

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