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Sunday, September 13

Dyed Flax dated to 30,000 years ago.

 Butterflies  love the flowers in my garden.

As I read the newspaper this morning my eye was drawn to the heading "Dyed flax dated to 30,000 years ago" (by The Associated Press).  And I was reminded of something Donna from Baltazor's Fabrics said to me recently.  I have thought much about what Donna said to me.  We were talking about brick & mortar fabric shops closing and women sewing and she said something along the lines of " I think women sew because they thought life would be beautiful and it's not, so they sew beautiful things".  That is not a direct quote and I hope I haven't muddled it too much but I thought about women making their own beauty.  It is such a wonderful feeling to make something beautiful.  When I create something lovely, I love to look at it and admire it.  Not because I think I am so great that I made it, but rather, I marvel that I actually did it. Wow!!  I love beautiful things and it makes me happy that I can make something beautiful!!  The first time I felt like that was when I saw my first born son.  Could I actually have had anything thing to do with this amazing, wonderful, beautiful baby?  I was astounded!!! I was thrilled!!!   Now , I do not feel quite the same thrill when I look at my baby clothes but it is a watered down version of "did I really do this?"

Flowers from my garden after the rain stopped.
When I think about God's creations, the beauty, the detail, the unbelievable variety, I am so in awe.  The photos you see are Passion Flowers from my garden.  I bought the plant 2 years ago and carefully planted and tended it, not knowing that it must really be an exotic weed!  It has come back every year in places I did not plant it and I have to hack it back to keep it from overwhelming my other, more mannerly plants.  Look at the detail He put into it.  What person could ever have imagined all the beauty in this one little flower.  I believe that because we were made in God's image, we were given a creative seed, or desire in out heart to create something.  For me, my creative passion is designing and sewing baby clothes, but it can be different for everyone, and many people have many creative talents.  Elizabeth Travis Johnston once said to me that she kept a very neat house and she loved housework.  Elizabeth delighted in a well organized and attractive home and liked to create the atmosphere such a home has.  Today that would not be called housework, it would be called Interior Decorating!!  Sadly, I do not share in THAT creative talent.

30,000 years ago (or however long it really was) a woman dyed flax to make it more beautiful! You go girl!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Wow, you really spoke the truth with this post. It amazes me every time that I am able to take yarn or fabric and turn it into a thing of beauty.

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