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Thursday, August 21

Lunch in My Sewing Room

My Friend Bunny and I are stitching a Block of the Month quilt together.
(it's her idea!)

So, she came over to stitch with me and we had lunch in the sewing room.
Which was fun!

And I finished my first block.

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Tuesday, August 19

WBR Museum - The Plantation Store

This was a wonderful display of old button cards.

There was a dry goods area in the store. 
But the lighting wasn't good so my pictures weren't good.

The Plantation Store.

 I love enamelware that has flowers on it.

I was wishing this was not a museum so I could purchase this cute Sugar Bowl from The Plantation Store.

This is the end of my fun time at the WBR Museum.

Love, Jeannie 
(having more fun in 2014)

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Sunday, August 17

WBR Museum - Creole Cottage

This dress was displayed in the Creole cottage.

The WBR Museum in Port Allen, Louisiana includes some furnished buildings.
We were lucky to receive a guided tour…included with the price of the museum.

This is a classic French Acadian style home.

I love just about anything that is handmade.

I find the colors and stitches on this quilt give it a comfortable look.   The stitches are not perfect, neither is the piecing.  But it is a beautiful.  

We need to remember that it's ok not to be perfect stitchers.

The lovely old beds had (of course) mosquito netting.

Always love the blue and white dishes!

And no cottage would be complete with out a Sewing Machine.

Next…the Plantation Store.

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Friday, August 15

Museum - A Grand Tour.. part 2

A monogrammed hankie was included in her personal belongings.
I am thinking this was from Aurelie's married life since the initial for her last name is different.

I am continuing the Blog post from our visit to the WBR Museum exhibit.

This trunk was full of neat things.  But the sign told me "Do Not Touch"!
  It would have been fun to dig through it.

Me, wearing Hat #1 with a flirty red feather!

We were allowed to have fun with some cool old hats though. 

 If you click to enlarge the photo you would be able to read the sign telling me, "I am welcome to try on the hats but be mindful of the antique mirror".

Hat # 2 with a totally different style but still lots of feathers.  I think a bit more serious.  
But can a person be serious while wearing feathers?

Hat #3 is quite showy. I must be on my way to a very fun event.

Which hat do you think looks best on me?

The exhibit was really fun but unfortunately I was late getting these pictures up and it is now over.

There are always neat things to see at the WBR Museum and I will do two more posts to show you some things that are on permanent exhibit.

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Wednesday, August 13

WBR Museum - A Grand Tour in the Belle Epoque!

Turn of the Century (1900) Dresses.
This summer, a Friend and I went to an exhibit at the WBR Museum in Port Allen, Louisiana.

They are always having interesting exhibits.

Belle Epoque means "Beautiful Era" in French.  
This time period dated from 1871 to the beginning of WWI in 1914

The exhibit featured clothing and other items of Aurelie Levert from her Grand Tour during the Paris Exposition circa 1900.

This was my favorite garment in her collection because it is embellished with White work embroidery.

I am sure the high neck would encourage anyone to have good posture.

I think the stately bearing we associate ladies of that time period with is due in good measure to the garments they wore.  They were very restrictive compared to our own.

This sleeve is beautifully embellished.

Open eyelets and Satin Embroidery.

This is part of the skirt.

More on the exhibit….next post

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Tuesday, August 12

One Year Later…Miah's Quilt

It took us longer than you might think just to stitch all these squares together in pairs.  All the deciding was exhausting!!
One year later.  

My Granddaughters Miah and Victoria came to visit.
 We focused on stitching Miah's Quilt, which has become a long term project.

We began last year with fabric which we cut into 4" squares.  Then we matched them 2X2 and sewed them together.  

This get together, we stitched all the squares into blocks of 4 squares.  With much thought going into which squares would be stitched together.

It was alot of thinking and sewing with breaks for  Cafe' a lait  and Beignets at Coffee Call.

There was alot more sewing to be done on this than we realized!
Then we laid out all the squares for Miah to decide how she wanted them to look.

And Miah stitched the blocks together to form horizontal rows.

Still a work in progress……. but coming along and looking good!


And we had a read good time.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2014 Jeannie Baumeister
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