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Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
It's easy and it's fun!!

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Friday, August 28

Sew Sew Show and Tell English Nainsooks

Someone brought this old box of English Nainsook she was given.

You used to be able to buy some fabrics in a box of 10 yards.

The words English Nainsook is printed right on the fabric - as well as the yardage.

This fabric was often used for baby clothes and women's fine  undies!

A definition found on line:

Nainsooks was a fine, soft-finished cotton fabric, usually white used for lingerie and infants' wear of South Asian origin.

The meaning of the work Nainsook - Late 18th century: from Hindi nainsukh, from nain "eye"+sukh "pleasure"

I love that meaning!  Eye pleasure.

Click here for Information from an old  Good Housekeeping dated 1893.

I wish I could go shopping back in the 1920's. 

Just for a day!!

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Wednesday, August 26

Stitching With My Sew Sews

There was some stitching going on at my Sew Sews.

Lorraine B. was stitching gathered Lace edging to  a Bonnet Crown.

She finished attaching the lace.  So pretty!

Lorraine used a regular Bonnet Pattern and cut out the Bonnet and the Crown and stitched them together.  The Lace Edging serves as the Front.

We have some fancy stitchers in our group!!

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Monday, August 24

Sew Sews in August

I had a great time with my Sew Sews this month.  Plenty of  pretty stitching going on.

The Bear is  from quite a long time ago when Jan Kerton came to teach a class.  
Her lovely techniques can still be seen in our projects!

This is Lorraine B's cute Baby Blanket.

I love the kite made out of cute 30's fabric!

And the perfect bias binding is the same fabric as one of her kites.

Laura's Lunch Table was lovely.

The Crepe Myrtle center piece looked like spring.

I love fresh flowers.

There is more to see… post.

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Friday, August 21

Hand Fluter at Mary's Antiques and Collectables

I love old, useful things! 
 And I saw this when I was at Mary's antique store the other day.

This is a Hand Fluter Iron.  

It was used to press crimps or little pleats in collars and cuffs for fancy clothing.

I think it's really cool!

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Wednesday, August 19

Cute Smocking from Mary's Antiques and Collectables

This is a cute little Smocked Diaper Shirt.

It was for sale at Mary's Antiques and Collectibles in Ponchatoula when I stopped by the other day.

It is very crisp and perky with the pink and blue smocking against a soft white fabric.  

And I love the old fashioned Bullion Flowers!

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Monday, August 17

My Antique Quilt Stand

Quilt I made displayed on my Antique Quilt Stand.
I have always admired  Quilt Stands.

And I now have one myself.

I found this at Mary's Antiques and Collectables.

It looks fragile but it is very sturdy.

Mary's is a wonderful shop!!

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