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"Baby will be well and smiling in little garments made by Mother, Auntie, Grannie and loving friends!"

Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
It's easy and it's fun!!

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Thursday, November 16

Londyn Marie is Born

Meet my new Granddaughter!!
These pictures were taken on her birth day.

Londyn Marie
November 9, 2017
6 lbs 10 oz

Mother, Father and Baby Girl.

Mother and Daughter

Londyn with me.

My heart melts when I even think about her!

Patient little  girl.  

Grammies  already trying pretty garments on her.

Isn't she beautiful?

"Children's children are the crown of old men; 
and the glory of children are their fathers."
 Proverb 17:6

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Tuesday, November 7

Our Class at It's Sew Heavenly

Our wonderful group of Stitchers at It's Sew Heavenly.

Brenda is the Queen of everything  pretty and she had her Christmas decorations up for us to enjoy!

We did some serious and fun Heirloom Sewing.
The T-Yoke Dress or Gown (or Christening Gown) is the best class to get that confidence you need in Heirloom Sewing.

We learned how to join two fabrics together using lace.
As well as many other techniques.

And the students did a wonderful job!

Brenda and Lacie have already planned what their second Dress will look like. 
They are going with soft Blue Swiss Lawn.

The entire shop is lovely "Eye Candy" for the Heirloom Stitcher.

Beautiful garments hanging around to inspire you and delicious fabric crying out to be bought. 

This group knew each other so visiting  and chatting were always tempting but they were a hard working bunch too.

Button Frenzy!!
There was a limited supply of special Buttons for sale and everyone wanted them!!

They  shared. They divided the quantity between them all.
(One lady kept sewing, ignoring the Buttons entirely.  I told her I was surprised she wasn't interested and she said "I already told them to give me whatever  my friend is buying".  Ha Ha, she knows if her friend wants them, so does she)

Here is an example of the Baby Gown and Baby Dress. The pictured slip is from the pattern "Old Fashioned Baby Dresses" and the front was adapted to match the dress.  I made it for a magazine article several years ago.

Classes are Fun!

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Saturday, November 4

Little Green Baby Bonnet

I'm behind on sharing things with you!!
This is a close up of the Bonnet that went with the Green Daygown I made for my "soon to be born" Granddaughter.  That was an earlier post.

Due date is November 21.

I made a double loop at the top of the Ribbon Ties and wrapped them together using ecru floss.  I like the way it turned out.

The neck of the Bonnet is finished with entredeux attached the old fashioned way.

The maline lace is simply exquisite!

I hope  your sewing pretty things!!

Thursday, November 2

Teaching For the Happy Sewing Friends

I spent 2 days with a happy group of Sewing Friends.

I was teaching a class on a Smocked Yoke Dress.

Especially for a sweet little girl…..

This little doll is wearing Toddler Summer Dresses in a Size 1
 May May

 Will model for Candy Corn!!

She was easily bribed.

And changed into the other view of Toddler Summer Dresses in a Size 2.

Yes, this is the size to make for next spring.

The ladies stitched with Sewing Machines.

And learned  hand stitches too.

It was a great  time of fun, food, stitching  and a whole lot of laughter!

We had a real good time!

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Sunday, October 15

Good Advice

Good Advice!

Coming to you from the side of my file cabinet.  

I love magnets!

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Friday, October 13

A Really Good Book

I think Carol Ahles is the expert when it comes to knowing how to use a sewing machine.

All those special stitches your machine offers.

If you have a sewing machine that can do the wonderful Heirloom Stitches, her book will teach you how to get the best results.

It's a wonderful reference book.

"A person can not have too many books."

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2017 Jeannie Baumeister
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