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Wednesday, June 20

NYC With Victoria - Day Two cont.

Continuing our tour of the NYC Downton Abby exhibit... we came out of the kitchen and into the  fantastic Upstairs Dining Room.

They changed into fancy  clothes to have dinner.

Just changing their clothes so often in one day  must have been tedious!

There was much more to this exhibit, well worth the visit.

The main reason for the NYC trip at this time was to see the NYC Ballet dance Coppelia.
It was wonderful!!!

We went to the early performance.

There was just barely time to run to the 1/2 price ticket office in Times Square so we could buy tickets for  Beautiful.
I have always loved Carole King's music and it was superb .

The end of Day Two in NYC.

It was a very fun day!

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Friday, June 15

NYC with Victoria - Day Two

We began the day walking in the rain, to the Downton Abbey Exhibit. 
I have watched every episode, so I was excited  to see this.

Victoria is such a great travel companion.  She is up for anything. As a college student, this would not have been on her "to do" list.  

 Afterward, she said  that she enjoyed it and found it interesting.

The kitchen was my favorite part.

It's such a warm, inviting and functional room.  
I'm a peasant at heart.

I love the Dish Cupboard!
(and I can imagine my Blue and White dishes stored here)

 Tea Time

And it pleased me to see the Sewing Machine set up and in use.

....more of the Exhibit to post.

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Wednesday, June 13

NYC with Victoria

Central Park.

We took a really early flight so we would have more time in this busy and expensive city.
I love that you can walk every where.  We walked from 37th st. to Central Park.

We found a small movie theater across from Central Park.  "The Seagull" was playing, starring Annette Bening. It's a film adapted from the play written by Anton Chekhov. The pretty poster and the word romance enticed us into the theater.  It was an interesting film.   NO happy endings here.  I think Victoria was the only person in line under 60.....should have been a hint!!!

We peeked into St. Patricks as we walked by.
A wedding was about to begin.

Had wonderful NYC pizza.

And took some Juniors Cheesecake back to the hotel with us.
The BEST Cheesecake ever.

If we looked out our window...just so.... we had a nice city view!

End of day one in NYC.


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Monday, June 11

Handsewn Baby Dress

My new Granddaughter is 6 Months old and sitting up very nicely.

She is wearing the white Baby Dress that I made.  Every stitch by hand, buttonholes included.  It was such a pleasure to stitch and I love, love, love it on her.

It's made from a soft Swiss Batiste.
The dresses really are softer when stitched by hand.  That is because each seam has only one row of stitches, not the double stitching of a sewing machine (meaning the bobbin and the top stitch).

This is one of my favorite things she wears. 
I want to get all the wear I can out of it.  It's too long for her to crawl in but good for playing.  

I used my pattern  Old Fashioned Baby Layette.  The button in the back version.  I taught a class using this  design. When I get a chance I will put a kit together with the modifications and instructions.

Of course it can be made by machine, with hand embellishments.

She just melts my heart!!!

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Saturday, April 28

Baby in White

I love Baby in white.  It's so classic and clean and crisp.

Londyn loves to play with the Kitties in the quilt I made her.

She is trying to pick them up!!

And sometimes she seems to randomly roll over!

This little baby girl will be crawling soon.
And then no more day gowns to play in!  She is moving so quickly along.

It is a good thing I already have lots of sweet garments for her to wear.

I would never have time to sew them now!!

Let this be a warning to  you.  You better start stitching.

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Saturday, April 21

Soft Mint Daygown Kit Available - Vintage Materials.

Baby Londyn is  wearing her Geiger Daygown, when she was 4 months old (I think)!

This Daygown is made from the original "Geiger" Batiste which Bear Threads sold.  They have since copied the original because it is so yummy!!

I have some stock in the original.

 Londyn was younger in this photo.  Learning as I go along…  
Put her age on the photo!!!

This Daygown is made using "Baby's First Daygowns" pattern and View 3.

This is the photo from the last post.

In this photo Londyn is 5 months old and weighs 13 lbs and change.
What a difference a few weeks can make.

The Daygown is still plenty big on her.

A kit is available to make this Daygown using the vintage materials.

What a great opportunity to copy this sweet little garment.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2018 Jeannie Baumeister
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