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Monday, November 23

Little Pansy Flowers

poem from:
The Sunbonnet Babies Primer
by Eulalie Osgood Grover
circa 1902

Little pansy flowers,
Nodding in the sun,
Have you feet like ours?
Can you jump and run?
The pansies' feet are the little roots.
The pansies cannot walk nor jump nor run.
Poor little pansies!
Do you think they are happy?
They have happy faces.

Yes, the pansy flowers are happy.
They do not want to run and jump.
They do not want to play.
They like to grow in the garden.
they like to live in the sun.

The pansies smile at the Sunbonnet Babies.
They smile at every one.
They like to have the Babies pick them.
They nod and nod to them.
Pansies can see inside the Babies' bonnets.
They can see the Babies' faces.

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