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Wednesday, December 30

What's Jeannie Doing?

Jeannie is not doing what she should be doing!

I am however progressing on my baby gown!
Actually, I am thinking about new SAGA class submissions so you could really call this working.  What a life!
I am making this little gown by hand and have decided to use the "Eula" method of Tucking.  It is a challenge to me because I am not Eula with her 60 odd years of practice at it!  She does not mark her tucks and does not pull threads to mark them.  She eyeball's them!!  I am not a great eyeballer but am improving and cheated a little.  Stay tuned  to see what I mean.  It will involve more photos and can't do that right now because I am actually going to work today, getting ready for the Jan. Birmingham market and I must clear my desk and hope nothing is past due! Until Later....


julia said...

OOOooooo.... beautiful and by hand!

Janet said...

Love your blog. Where and when will the Birmingham market be held? Will it be open to the public?

Jeannie B. said...

The Birmingham Market is a wholesale market for shops to stock up on fabric, lace, trims and patterns (and buttons!). New items are showcased there and it is very inspiring!!

busygnomes said...

Oh my, how beautiful, yes I feel the same way about heirloom fabric and lace, it will make your garment even more special.

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