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Thursday, February 18

I'm In The Moment

Designing.  Gathering any possible materials that I am interested in is the next step after drawing my rough ideas onto  paper .
I am an "in the moment" kind of person most of the time.  What I mean  is that I am pretty taken over by what I am doing right now. I become absorbed!  Writing a blog, designing, reading a good book, having tea with a friend...etc.  That can be a very good thing!   It helps me to really focus on what I am doing.   It means the ideas in my head run rampant.  Unchecked!  I am not hindered by what is ahead or behind me.
One of the things I do  know about this article I am doing for Sew Beautiful.   I am using my Best Embroidered Baby Clothes pattern.
Being "in the moment" can be a very bad thing too.  It means that I am so absorbed in whatever little thing I am doing that I don't even think about things like dinner, carpool (yes, I have forgotten children), appointments and DEADLINES!  I knew I had one but it was way far away in March.
I love lists.  I like to write things down. It makes me feel like I have actually done something.  Plus it helps me organize my thoughts.  I have begun by writing down what I know about this article I am doing.  Doesn't look like I know much! But I  have my  rough drawings too.
The first of this year I adopted a "Crate System" of organization that some home school people use.  I have files for each month and put down the things that must be done for each week. I even have an (empty) file marked 'Meal Plans'.   Yesterday (Feb. 17), I decided it would be fun to look at February and see what is going on.  Clipped to the February folder was an index card with big letters  "Article Due March 1".  Well, that's like less than 2 weeks away!
I inherited Peatie!  He loves to sing and whistle.  Very loudly!  I love it, but no one else liked  the noise.  He lives with me in my sewing room.  He chirps encouragement to me.
Last night I pulled out everything I might want to use in my article and my mind went wild with  ideas.  Now my problem is to pick  only one!  I love this.  By now, I have 3 pages full in my notebook and I will get it ready so I can stitch on it tomorrow (Friday) morning  in front of the fire.


Sara said...

I am so like that myself. It is like I get blinders on sometime and I really don't want anyone to interrupt me. I don't like the process to be halted!!! glad to know there are others !!!!

LAnderson said...

Ok, this is like waaay too crazy! I started a blog post today about a dress I am working on and I am using the exact same pattern you are using!!! How crazy is that?!?!
My blog post hasn't been posted yet, as I needed to post the bonnet I just finished, so did that today- will post my next blog next week with your pattern that I am using!

Jeannie B. said...

Can't wait to see your dress. The article will show how you can get different looks using the same pattern!

Sewbusymor said...

Dear Heavens, how did we all get to be 'in the moment' people?? I too have that same problem/blessing. Have also forgotten meals, children, dates[poor hubby]. Now that flu has taken two days of moments...I am getting back on the moment. WHICH moment...that's the question.;-)

julia said...

Oh to be organized. I used to be more in the moment than now. I miss it. It must be this middle aged brain that just can't stay focused.

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I can relate to your post. I tend to get absorbed into projects myself and sometimes have to step back and get some perspective.

Bunny said...

My husband calls this my "tunnel vision". I really resent having to make a meal or even eat when I'm in the zone. I think it is just the nature of creative personalities.

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