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Sunday, February 21

A Pleasant Sunday

Basting lace in preparation to Hemstitch it to the fabric.
I did some sewing on my SB article. 
Miah and Andrew like Chocolate Chip Scones!
Had delightful company at an impromptu Childrens Tea.  We each had our own teapot!
I never need an excuse for a Tea Party.
Today , I chose the tea cups.  
I have never regretted buying any china.  I have often regretted not buying more!
A cute little rhyme and bird inside the teacup.
However you try to drink me up, there's always a swallow left in this cup.
The saucer.
I only bought 3 cups and saucers when I was at the Spode factory.  And no plates!
Made in England.  When Spode was Spode!


Valerie said...

Precious Moments. Treasure them.

Beatty said...

Who are Miah and Andrew? I loved your tea party. Could you tell us a little more about hemstitching the lace--that sounds interesting. My daygown is almost finished and I am so proud of my work. It looks fabulous. Thank you for such wonderful directions.

Jeannie B. said...

Miah is my Grandaughter and Andrew is a family friend. Andrew asked Miah if we have tea every time she comes to visit. Miah said "Pretty much". Hemstitching lace to fabric is lovely. You baste the lace to the fabric and then hemstitch it in place. I am going to start keeping a list of things I plan to do a lesson on so I don't forget. I am behind on my Lessons!! I will add this.

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