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Friday, February 26

Stitching By The Fire Again!

Tea and toast by the fire.
It was the perfect day to stitch by the fire. I am still working on my article.  I finished my hemstitching and am putting lace on my collar.  It is very pretty, I think!
My Mother's China pattern!  It gives me happy thoughts of my Mother
I was lucky to find a teacup in my Mother's China pattern.  I love it.  The tea somehow tastes better!
Baby Isabel in her Old Fashioned Baby Bubble from "Sweet & Simple  Bubbles and  Bonnets"pattern.
I received an email today from a OFB Sewing Room Friend  with this cute picture of Isabel.  She told me that this is her first sewing project!!  Can you believe what a great job she did?  And she said her sister (also a Sewing Room Friend)  will be so surprised to see Isabel wearing her little Mom made bubble  when she reads this post!  Surprise Sis!   I love Isabel's hair.  I used to brush my babies hair just like that.  And I had some sweet smelling baby hair tonic to keep the little Cupie curl.  I think it was called Nestles.  Do any of you remember that?  I can still smell it and remember my babies!

The view from my son's bedroom window.  See the pink roses to the left!
To encourage all you who are under snow. 
 Spring is Coming!
Sweet, Sweet Rosebud!
A Rosebud is a promise of something good to come.
My Roses are always prettier when it's cool outside.
It is really very cold here in Baton Rouge!  This is a plucky little climbing rose bush called Old Blush.  I find it very encouraging.  I am ready for spring.  My front beds are getting a re-do this spring. 


Jenny said...

Sounds like a perfect day. We are starting to get slightly cooler weather here in Tasmania heading into autumn.

Sisterbill said...

The hair lotion was Nestle Curls and nothing smells sweeter in a baby's hair!! My girls didn't leave the house without it.

Beatty said...

Isabel is adorable and I am quite impressed with your first project. It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Jeannie, that china pattern is GORGEOUS!

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