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Tuesday, February 2

We own 3.77 Sewing Machines! and Winner of Giveaway # 2.

All the treasures pictured in front of the  Choosing Bucket!

The Lucky Girl for the OFB Giveaway #2 is "Lindsay" !
So, dear Lindsay, please email me ( your name and address so I can get your treasures off to you!

I thank you all for visiting me at my  Old Fashioned Baby Sewing Room.  I so enjoy your  comments!!  We are indeed Kindred Spirits.

Just for fun, I have compiled a (probably inaccurate) list of the information that I received from all of you who commented on this giveaway post. I asked how many  Sewing Machines you all had.   Very interesting !!  I did my best to count the machines you listed but sometimes it was hard to be sure.  This is not science!  

The average sewist owns 3.77 sewing machines.

One person listed 11 machines and one person listed 10!!

Surprisingly (to me anyway) there were 6 ladies who own only one machine.  I have a vision of you six ladies as  being neat, tidy, practical and completing each project before starting another!   The winner was among you!

Suzanne said  .."my favorite machine is my hands.  They're always with me and don't require electricity." I like her words because I love hand work too. But I do alot of machine construction.

ElizabethRose said she owns a 1876 New Home Treadle machine and plans to make a baby dress on it just to say she did it.   Well, I said the very same thing several years ago to my husband when I bought a nice treadle  machine  "Honey, I need it so I can sew my designs on an old machine just like they used to do". ( He does not know that they  actually used to sew baby clothes by hand).  My ambition is still to sew a baby gown with my treadle machine but I haven't done it yet.  Hmmmm maybe there are more of us and we can unite and encourage each other!  We can call ourselves the "Treadlers".

I love this!!  More than one of you names their Sewing Machines which I think is so  quaint.  I love naming things!  I would name my machines too,  but at this point in my life I would not be able to remember their names so I'll  just call them all "Honey"!


Elisabeth Rose said...

I think it's amazing that we share the unusual ambition to sew a garment on a treadle (and neither of us has done it yet!) I also like to collect antique patterns (I bet you do, too). So, if I use antique fabric, laces, and pattern on my treadle machine, is it an antique garment?? It was interesting to read the results of your poll!

Jeannie B. said...

Yes, I do love antique patterns! I love the sweet old vintage look. And old sewing implements and well, almost anything antique! Let me know if you make your garment on your treadle before me!

Julia said...

Even though I own 4 machines, I only sew on one. Two of mine are old treadle machines. I may just have to see if they work and actually make soemthing on each of them. I learned on my grandmother's treadle machine. I love the idea of "hands" being a favorite machine. I guess I'd have to say that too. I hope the arthritis in my hands doesn't stop them from working, ever!

Elisabeth Rose said...

It sounds like there are several of us who want to make something on our treadle. That might be a fun "contest" or "class" to do together some day-treadle machine, antique pattern, vintage fabrics, etc! Keep us in mind.

Jeannie B. said...

I need a while to catch up on things and then I will check out my treadle to make sure it still sews. Then I will do a Treadle Sew Along! Thanks for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

My mother, now 85 sewed on a treadle machine for many years. Her mom thought she deserved a modern electric machine and traded in the treadle to make the purchase. Mom still speaks of her treadle with longing and wishes she still had it to sew on.

I hope that both Elizabeth Rose and you Jeannie make your dream come true and sew a baby dress on your treadles.

Elisabeth Rose said...

If you do it as a sew-along some time, I hope you pick something unisex, as I am having a baby boy in late May! I have a few antique sailor suit or Russian suit patterns and those would be fun to try, too. I'd need your inspiration, though, as all I've ever tried so far is a straight line!!

Johnny said...

I just found this blog while looking for a daygown pattern, and just have to comment. I own somewhere between 125 and 150 sewing machines, including at least 30 treadles and more handcrank machines than I care to count. I have modern machines as well, though I mostly sew on the treadles and cranks. I made a baby quilt top with an old Singer handcrank two weekends ago. I love your patterns, and am glad to find the lessons--I could use a few!!

Jeannie B. said...

Johnny, Wow! Give us some treadle tips!!

Johnny said...

Give your treadle a good and thorough cleaning (never use water on the heads--those beautiful decals will silver), give it a healthy drink of oil, and start sewing. 95% of sewing is straight stitching, and that's what they do best. I have many beautiful vintage baby dresses and gowns made on treadles, so we know it can be done!!

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