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Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
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Monday, March 29

Lesson on a Gertrude Baby Slip - Stitching

You should have the slip all cut out and marked prior to beginning this lesson. See Layout!
We are using the slip pattern and  instructions from my pattern "Priscilla's Layette".  Any of my Gertrude patterns will work.

Step 1.  Sew the front and back together in a French Seam.  
Then, finish the lower edge with the Shell Hem.
When Shell Hem is complete, stitch the remaining side seam in a French Seam.
Bottom of slip finished with the Shell Hem.  Here you can see the right side on top and the wrong side underneath.
In this picture  you can see that I used a light blue thread just to give the white slip a little color.
I mark the 1/4" seam allowance on the shoulder facings. The two little dashes are the marks for the TOP of the Button holes.
Step 2. Shoulder Facings - The front and back facings are finished the same way.  The difference is only in the spacing of the fold line.  Also the front facings have the Buttonholes.
Narrow hem the raw edge of the facing by turning to the wrong side along the outer fold lines.  Press.
Now, fold the facing to the right side along the inner fold line.
Above, the facing is shown being stitched using a hand running stitch along the seam line.
Stitch the facing in place on either side using a tiny running stitch by hand. Or use a  machine stitch. 
You will not turn the completed facings to the wrong side until the Shell Hem has been completed. 
To prepare to stitch the Shell Hem, double fold the fabric to the wrong side as shown.
Step 3. Shell Hemming the Armhole and Neck edge.
Double fold the raw edge of the fabric to form a 1/8" hem.  Finger press.  
You will work from right to left and the Shell Stitches will be 3/16" apart.  I used white thread to stitch the Shell Hem at the neck. 
Secure the thread in the fabric fold and begin the Shell Hem where the facing ends.  Refer to Shell Hem to learn the stitch or for help in perfecting your stitch.
Finished Front and Back Facings.
Turn the facing to the wrong side and stitch in place with the hand Running Stitch.  Work Buttonholes on the front facings and sew the buttons to the back facings.
Embroidery design from Jeannie B's Embroidery Book is worked in one strand of light blue floss.
Embroider your slip as desired.


Robin Hart said...

What a wonderful tutorial! I really need to make several slips and have ready. I usually get to sewing the main garment too late and fail to plan time to make a hand worked slip.

Unknown said...

so adorably precious. thank you for the tutorial!!

Martha said...

So sweet. I have three slips to make right now. I need to get on it. I am like Robin, I am usually under the gun and have to rush the slip. But this is just so sweet I want to take my time with it as well.

Laurie said...

you make the most beautiful shell hems that I have ever seen! thanks for the tute!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had a tutorial like this when my granddaughter was a baby. Your work is exquisite.

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