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Monday, March 1

Useful Antique Lace

Beautiful Lace at the bottom of an antique baby gown.
My guess is the gown was probably made around 1920.  The lace was stitched together by machine and the dress was made by machine.

Top part of the gown.  The lace runs from the shoulders to the hem.
I purchased this gown at an antique store with the intention of cutting up the gown to use the lace. The dress was tattered in places and was quite unusable but the lace was beautiful.
This is what I did with the lace!  
I am a conservator at heart and don't usually ruin a garment to use pieces of it.  But this gown was in tatters,  and it held no distinction as to design or technique.  It was good only for the materials.  And it was only a couple of $'s.
It made wonderful gifts for sewing friends!

You can make your own lace/fabric  jar top.  Just sew odd bits of lace together!

This is how I made it:
1.  I starched and pressed the lace/fabric.
2.  I  attached the lace to blue card stock paper using some kind of fusible from  my closet.  Don't know what it was!!   Does anyone know what one uses to fuse two things together?
3.  Then I used the metal jar lid (use a canning jar with a two piece lid) to trace the circle and I  cut out the lace/card stock top.
3.  Glue the card stock to the metal jar lid, with the lace part up.  Fill with something pretty and give away!!     Uh Oh, I gave them all away and I don't have one for myself!!

What will I do with the lace scraps?  Well, it is mostly a little section of the lace hem shown in the photo that is usable.
I love this little doll!  It has a cupie look but googly eyes.  I love the googly eye dolls!!
I want to make this little baby a dress!!  


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Jeannie!

vicki said...

I just found your blog! I love it!

vicki said...

I just found your blog! I love it!

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