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Tuesday, March 9

White Vintage Baby Bonnet - Pretty!

This lovely Bonnet was stitched by hand.
This is just the sort of bonnet I love to copy!  It is entirely French Hand sewn.
You must Bonnet Train a Baby!  Put bonnets on them from the day you bring them home and every time you go out. After all, if it is cold you must protect their little head from the wind.  And if it's hot, protect them from the sun.   No excuses!!
It is lavishly embellished and has fabric ties (or strings as they were called).
The fabric ties have a tiny rolled and whipped hem.

Tiny Pintucks and lace insertion grace the Bonnet Brim. 
 Gathered lace edging is stitched along the front and back of the Brim.  A baby looks so pretty with her face framed in a lace Frill.
The Bonnet Crown is just as fancy as the rest of it!
Lace edging is gathered and whipped around the Bonnet Crown for an extra frill.
Close up of the fine work.  See the tiny Featherstitch!  Also Satin Stitch embroidery.
View of the inside of the bonnet at the back neck edge. 
 The fabric on either side of the lace was hand rolled and whipped to finish.   The back seam is stitched in a French Seam and the neck edge is finished with a tiny bias binding before the lace edging was gathered and slip stitched to the binding.  Several hours of loving stitches went into this Beautiful Baby Bonnet.

This is my White Wednesday Post!  To see links for more lovely white go to Faded Charm!!


Rebecca said...

When I have another grandbaby I'm soooo buying one of these from you. I am!

No excuses!

:) Love, Rebecca PS: I love your work!

Martha said...

How precious. And that is TINY feather stitching. I can just see some grandmother or auntie making this sweet bonnet for a new baby.

Martha said...

I just love this sweet little bonnet. Can't you just see a a new grandmother or auntie lovingly stitching this as a gift? And that is TINY feather stitching.

LAnderson said...

Oh how beautiful! My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first baby in October and I am secretly hoping for a girl b/c I am totally crazy about baby bonnets!!

Bunny said...

The pintucks are incredibly beautiful and thin. I remember my grandmother doing such pin tucks by hand.

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