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Thursday, April 1

Designing For A Needlework Magazine

Set from Old Fashioned Baby Layette pattern was featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine November/December 2008
Sew Beautiful has a BLOG!  This Layette set is pictured there.  They interviewed me and I am the Designer Feature!  Please visit their Blog and leave a message so they know you were there.  I think they  have lots of fun ideas they plan to post.
Close up of the yoke on the Gown.

Love the Pink and Blue together!  It's so Old Fashioned Baby!!
I used the tuck design from the Yoke and the embroidery as my inspiration for the sleeve.  When I started the project for this article...I didn't know I was going to do that!
Hem of the Gown with the same Embroidery Style.
After I made the Gown I decided to make a matching slip.  Vintage Baby Gowns can have a matching slip that rivals the beauty of the Gown.
my slip
Pretty lace insertion at the yoke and a lace frill at the neck.
Pretty hem of the slip.
I should have made the slip first!  After making the Gown and Bonnet and starting the slip I was having more and better ideas!!  I like the hem of the slip better than the hem of the Gown!!
Too Late! No time (or desire) to re-do the hem.  Next time.
Matching Bonnet!


sewing spots said...

These are lovely and very inspirational. Congrats on the Sew Beautiful blog interview! It was great!

julia said...

Congratulations! I'm going to their blog now. I am a long time reader of SB!!

Diana said...

So beautiful!

Martha said...

I just love this. I love the embroidery along the dress hem. Oh if my finger wasn't sore I could stitch. ::sigh::

Laurie said...

Ohh Jeannie, this is just sooooo beautiful! Blue is my all-time favorite and the details in your sewing is just beyond gorgeous!
Congrats on being featured on the SB Blog - loved getting to know you a little better!

Robin Hart said...

I love this set... you need to make a matching hanger like Martha. It is so sweet. And pink and blue are wonderful together.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Jeannie. What an accomplishment - congrats!

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