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Saturday, May 1

How To Transfer An Embroidery Design to Fabric

This is my new Class project I am working on.
I often like to use a padded "lace" board to pin my project to.
I pin my embroidery design to the board first.  I use the grid on the board to line it up straight.  Then I position my garment on top of the design and pin the garment to the board.  This prevents  the garment or embroidery design from slipping.
This method only works if the fabric is sheer enough to see through.
Here you see the embroidery design showing through the linen.  It will be easy to see this design.  Because the original design is my pencil drawing, I went over it with a fine tip permanent marker to darken it.  Never use an ink pen to darken or draw a design.  It will rub off on your fabric.

I don't show the actual tracing in the picture.  I would hold the fabric down against the design with my left hand while I trace with my right hand.

Here I am using a Light Board because the design didn't show up easily.
If the design is not dark enough or the fabric was not sheer enough, you can use a light board.  The light behind the design/fabric make it easier to see.  If you don't have one, tape the design to the window and let the sun be your light board.
I use a Marks Be Gone wash out fabric marker to transfer my design.  I always test my fabric first to make sure it will come out.  I don't use it on silk or wool.  When finished with the design, soak it for a few minutes in cold water (no soap) to get the chemical from the pen completely out.

Some ladies like to use a pencil.  I have difficulty getting the lead out so I don't use it.  The idea of spray starching the fabric before tracing the design on doesn't work because the floss carries the lead with it as you stitch.  

There are different tracing options available to choose from.  I have shown you what I use but no doubt there are others that work well too.  Just remember to test your fabric before you use them.

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