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Thursday, April 8

The Ouilting Circle.

A pretty Quilt made by Circle 3 of First Presbyterian Church.
The fancy squares are a Doily that has been cut into quarters and stitched to a quilt square.
For so many years now, the quilts  have been given to meet many different needs, from the home-less to Womens Shelters. Lately they have been sent on mission trips.  Some to the homeless children overseas.
Me and Jessie and assorted quilts.
Jesse is who I want to be when I grow up!  
So many quilts are made by the hands of our circle. 
Most of the quilts are not this fancy.  They are large pieces of fabric stitched together, have a layer of (hopefully) batting between the top and the backing, bound around the edges and tied together  with crochet cotton (if you can tie a knot, you can help).  Many of these Circle ladies have lived through the depression and will not waste a thing.  Sometimes mattress padding or blankets are the batting.  Everything is donated.
Mary and Jessie
Mary is the "really good quilter" in our group and she is the one who binds many of them on the sewing machine. There are  more ladies in my Circle who are not pictured.

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Anonymous said...

So, you are a quilter too? Do your talents ever end?! ;)

I like that first quilt A LOT!

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