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Monday, April 12

Roses in My Garden!

Rose from my Sewing Garden!
A Sewing Rose Garden.
Class Sample from Embroidery class I teach.
Marie Pave'
This is a new rose for my garden this year.
Home Run
A Grand baby of the Knock Out Rose.  This one is smaller.
The Fairy Rose
First Fairy to  bloom
 Old Blush.  Still Crazy Blooming!!
Wonderful Rose scent!!


Martha said...

Thanks for posting the sampler. It is wonderful to be able to click on the pictures and really "see" the roses. I can never remember how to consistently point one end of the bullion.

Jeannie B. said...

If there are enough wraps on the needle, it won't 'point' but will look like a plump little garden grub! If not so many wraps, and sometimes intentionally , the last wraps on the needle will point.

Sherry Richardson said...

Went and bought Old Blush yesterday to plant at my house after seeing yours.

ShirleyC said...

Beautiful roses, both handmade and real.

Sara said...

Such a lovely sampler and your bullions are gorgeous and perfect!!!
I have that old Blush rose too but mine hasn't bloomed yet. It always blooms here at Mother's Day!!

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

Beautiful bullion rose!! I love the sampler too! I'm looking forward to roses blooming here - your's are sooo pretty - I bet they smell good too!

seamsgreat said...

Love all the roses! My roses don't even have buds on them yet.

I have had Marie Pave in front of my house for years. It is a wonderful repeat bloomer.~janet g

Julia said...

I got my SB today and turned right to your beautiful dress! The pictures and article are great! How wonderful it must feel to see your own creations in this magazine!!!

Simple Southern Happiness said...

So glad I found your blog. I have many of your patterns and love them.

I am blown away, the bullion roses are perfect and so are the roses you have blooming. Breathtaking.

Anonymous said...


You have the most beautiful house and garden!!!! We need a tutorial for perfect bullions!! :)

Rose Notes said...

You are something Jeannie. Such precious rose embroidery! I just love your beautiful work and what a sweet picture of you in your garden embroidering. I'm glad you found my blog.

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