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Friday, June 25

Entredeux Embellishment

Technique I used on the white dress in the Sew Beautiful article.
It made the Dress!
Use a 6 Crewel Needle and 4 to 6 strands of floss. 
 I separate the floss and then put it back together, thread the needle and iron the floss.
Weave the needle in and out of the entredeux edge.
I love white with just a touch of color and this is an excellent way to get the look I want.
Samples from a Class I teach on Embellishments.
Top picture shows floss woven through every hole of the entredeux.
In the bottom picture I have woven under two bars of the entredeux and over one bar. You can get many cute looks depending on how you weave the floss through the entredeux.
Using blue floss to match the embroidery I have woven the floss through the entredeux at the bonnet front where the snail shirring is attached.
Close up of Bonnet/Entredeux
Christmas gown by Catherine.
Hem has red floss woven through the entredeux on the Swiss trim.
Pink floss woven through the middle of fancy entredeux.
Pink floss woven through the hem and the front swiss trim.

Remember to smooth the entredeux/floss out before you tie off the floss.  You don't want the floss to gather up the entredeux.

Have fun with this technique!!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2009 Jeannie Baumeister


Laurie said...

Isn't it amazing how just a little bit of color can give something a beautiful new look? Love this!

Ellie Inspired said...

Beautiful! Thanks for all the examples too.

Sewconsult said...

I love this touch. I usually do it after it is attached to the garment since I do the machine method. Hands won't let me do hand app.

Sherry Richardson said...

Beautiful touch to your laces. love the tip to iron the floss

Julia said...

how pretty! I love ribbon as an embellishment.

Rettabug said...

What a wonderful method of matching the embroidery! I've struggled to find the right color & width of ribbon many times. This is a brilliant idea...thanks, Jeannie!!

The sewing room said...

What can l say you are so clever l do not seem to be able to get lace and trimmings over here but l might be able to match it with something else,thank you for sharing.

Hugs Pat

Tracy said...

I love this! You are inspiring me to do more hand embroidery! I love the beautiful blue bonnet.

Cat said...

Thanks for the tips and inspiration! Now for more time to sew :)

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