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Sunday, July 18

Daygown Sew-Along! Join Me!!

 Pattern is OFB Embroidered Raglan Daygowns.

I was already thinking about a Sew-Along when someone suggested I do a Daygown Sew-Along.  
What fun that would be!!!  I love Daygowns.

I have chosen Embroidered Raglan Daygown View 2.  I have done a lesson on Priscilla's Layette Daygown (sorry to say it is now out of print) and this is also a Raglan sleeve but it buttons in the back.
 The sleeve makes it easy for the Beginner but it also has the new techniques of adding entredeux and lace edging to the neck and sleeve.   I will also show you how to do the embroidery on this view.

This is the View 2 sleeve.  It is 3/4 length.
It has pleats instead of gathers but you can easily do gathers.

I plan to make and teach it by hand.   I am also happy to include those of you who prefer the sewing machine.   So, either way follow along and make yours by hand or machine. Both will be easy!
 The techniques are so similar.

 I plan to have one lesson a week, every Friday, beginning July 30.  We will be a Sewing Group!  I will serve you virtual Tea and Scones! The lessons will be easy for everyone to complete and I hope will inspire and encourage you to finish your daygown.

Blue Satin Batiste fabric shown for my Daygown.  I have also chosen soft ecru lace and entredeux.
Kit for View 2 Daygown is available on my web site in blue, pink or white.
I am giving you all time to collect your supplies.   You will need:

Kit for materials or - 1 yard of cotton fabric, 1 1/2 yards lace edging (about 3/8" wide), 7/8 entredeux in white or off white to match lace, 5 Mother of Pearl buttons, Floss for embroidery and the Pattern.
Hand sewing needles (I recommend #11 Sharps) and Embroidery needles (I recommend #10 Sharps or #10 Crewel for this design).

You need DMC #50 weight cotton thread for construction and Madeira #80 cotton thread to stitch the lace.  The Madeira  thread should match the lace.

See the Lesson on Priscilla Layette for information on what is needed.  You also want to pretreat your fabric before we cut out our Daygown.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2009 Jeannie Baumeister


Elisabeth Rose said...

This sounds like fun, but I have 2 questions: what is the estimated date of completion and about how many hours a week to keep up? I am asking because I have a 7 week old baby (and 4 other kids) and I want to know if it will fit him and if I have enough free time! Great idea!!

Jean said...

I'm in, but I need to get all the supplies!

Sewing Chik said...

Jeannie, I am so excited that you're doing this!! I just ordered this pattern to make a daygown for my little girl (making her debut in November) and I'm just waiting on it to come in the mail!! Thank you!!


Patti Hofer said...

Hi Jeannie: You can't imagine my excitement when I opened your blog to see that you are having a Sew Along! I'm definitely joining in! I just recently got the pattern and I've printed out all the Priscilla lessons. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the lessons. You've given me the courage to jump in again after a dry spell of having no children to sew for. I recently learned my oldest son is having a baby in Dec, so I now have a sweet baby to sew for. Thank you, patti

Jeannie B. said...

Elisabeth Rose - It is always good to put me on a deadline!! I did go back and plan out the lessons. I updated the Sew Along page so check it!

Robin Hart said...

Give me a few minutes to get my supplies together... I know I have the pattern, have lots of fabric, lace etc. Even have a ton of wonderful buttons. :)

Sarah said...

Dear Jeannie,
I love your patterns and your embroidery book. I have made the Priscilla daygown several times. I am so excited and I want to take part in your link classes. How do I link up with you? I live in Germany and I am thrilled to be able to do this!! I have a web cam and I just need to find out how I access the link.
Thanks, Sarah de Roos

Jeannie B. said...

I am so pleased that there are many who want to join with me. I will ask our "group" to post a comment at the end of the post to let me know who is joining us. And on the Friday post days, questions can be posted and I will answer them.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a wonderful idea!

Jean said...

I got my stuff today!

Angela said...

Count me in. I can't wait!

Grandma Ruthie said...

I'm sewing from Shorewood Illinois - near Joliet -about an hour from Chicago. this project will go on one of my dolls-kept very carefully until a new baby in family comes along!

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