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Saturday, July 17

Stitching Fun!

Yes, another fun day stitching with my friend at her house!!  Daygowns of course!!   I had the new designs ready and first we chose fabric and lace.  I am making mine with Ultra Batiste again.  I am really liking it and don't want to use Swiss Batiste until I am sure of the Design.  I plan to trim the neck with blue Entredeux (From Capitol Imports) and a Baby Lace Edging.
Friend chose a nice Lawn which is a little  more sturdy.  She will have pink entredeux at the neck and a pretty baby lace to trim it.
Speedy Friend also cut out a pink Daygown to make as well.  She will have both done before I finish my one gown!  I was taking pictures and she had her first gown cut out.
This is her drawer of Feet for her machine.  I so admire this drawer!!
Her Feet are in number order and she knows right where they are!!
I went home and took a picture of MY drawer.  Now, I have more feet put away but these are the ones I use all the time. Hmmmm....

"The wise in heart shall be called prudent." Proverbs 16:21

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The sewing room said...

Oh i would love all those feet and so organised i am a bit like that but only for five minutes when i have a good tidy up.

Hugs Pat

Bella Jean Boutique said...

Seeing your clothing makes me want to start some of this type more and more. We do need more baby clothing in our shop.

Anonymous said...

HA! My feet drawer looks just like yours, Jeannie. :)

Julia said...

Goodness, so many feet!!!! I wouldn't know what to do with all of them.

Ivory Spring said...

What a fun post, Jeannie! My whole sewing room is more like your drawer there... I shall never be hard on myself again, knowing that the queen of heirloom sewing has a rather dis-organized drawer!!! ;)

Sally said...

Oh, I am chuckling away!!! awe of your friend's drawer, and comforted by your drawer. LOL!!!
Can't wait to take my class with you in Norfolk!

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