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Wednesday, September 1

White Wednesday - Pretty Baby in a Daygown!

Baby Ashley in an Old Fashioned Baby Daygown.
Made especially for her!

Isn't she a doll?  She is almost 3 weeks old.

Pretty little Baby hand.
Rosebud on the sleeve.

This is the daygown I made for Ashley.
I wanted to fancy up the hem, so I added Swiss Edging.
Because I didn't remove the hem allowance, this also made it longer.

Swiss Edging with an entredeux edge added to the hem.

Baby's Face

As a flower garden 
in a sunny place
So is the beauty
of a baby's face.

Baby's Record by Queen Holden, 1985 Merrimack publishing Corporation

White Wednesday is when I show you pretty white garments.   Please join me and Faded Charm for a White Wednesday Blog hop.

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Sara said...

another precious gown!!! Love the little rosebud on the sleeve and I adore that edging on the hem!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby in a beautiful daygown!

Linda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...when you said you sew, I had to come visit. Your baby clothes are amazing! You are amazing...I love your posts! I am going to become your newsest follower:0)

Rebecca said...

What a sweetie she is-and the gown is so pretty!

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