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Saturday, October 30

Vintage Shop Display or Flat Baby Betsy!

My Friend gave me this wonderful Vintage Shop Display when I was in Norfolk.
She dubbed her Flat Baby.  I named her Betsy.
I love her!!

She came from an old Sears Store.  My Friend thinks she is circa 1940's.

Does anyone out there have any information about her??

Such a face!!
I put her in an embroidered pillow case to carry her home on the plane.  Only her face was showing as I made my way around the airport, lugging her along with my carry on bags.

Booties have a crochet edge around them, made by another Friend.  She gave me a blanket to match too!!
Her arm and leg are removable to aid in dressing her.

As I was hurrying in the airport, I heard a real baby cry.  As I looked around, I saw a policeman heading my way with a determined look on his face (I had Baby Betsy tucked under one arm so I could better grasp my bag).

See. She is flat on her backside.  That is so she will fit flat  against the wall as a display.  

As he came closer, I pulled back the pillowcase so he could see she was NOT the baby who was crying!!

She also has a little edge to her so she could sit on a shelf against the wall.

He was very nice to me and just mumbled that he had heard a baby cry.  I think he was a mite embarrassed that he was coming to the aid of a Shop Display and he had suspected me of being a Bad Mom!   In fact he pulled my bag all the way over to Baggage Claim for me to check on a Damaged Suitcase.   A group of my students pulled up to the curb in time to see me "escorted" by a Policeman as we headed out the door toward Baggage Claim!!  I'm Innocent!  Really! 

Just adorable in her little blue Emma's Smocked Baby Dress!!

But what is she looking at??

Her Mama!!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister


Kris said...

I have no idea of her history but she sure is cute! It looks like she's saying "Oh My!"
Kris Curtis

Elaine said...

She is adorable!

Lisa said...

Cute story! Love the dress.

Laurie said...

How darling - I have never seen a doll like her - what fun! LOVED your story too!

Jan said...

She's an adorable baby. And Jeannie I'm sure you are the bestest of mommies.

Piper said...

She is so cute and I love the curlie Q on her head to hang her up. And that smocked blue baby dress is perfect for her. You could play dress up every day!

Jeannie B. said...

And she is such a happy baby...never cries!!

Julia said...

Sweet baby. The little blue dress is adorable on her.

DawnB said...

I was witness to the Police escort and it was pretty funny. Flat baby is very cute in her blue dress.

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