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Sunday, November 7

My Blue Daygown!

Moving along!  I have the lace insertion on the yoke, the entredeux stitched on the neck (but not finished) and part of the yoke embroidery done.
I am sitting in my garden again.  But it is now in the 60"s so forget the shade! Let that sun shine on Me!!   I'm sitting in the afternoon sun.
I am making this little Daygown primarily by Machine.  Most of my garments are a mix of hand and machine.  But because I wanted to sit outside and stitch, I am stitching the second seam of the French Seam by hand.  Normally I would have just used the machine.  It is nicer by hand.  Really!

OK. Didn't take long to finish the sleeve seams.  It is looking like a Daygown now, don't you think?  I love this Dot  Maline lace.  I am crazy about it!

Want to see whats blooming in my Garden.  Just a quick peek.

My little Sweetheart Rose! 
I love it best just before the bloom opens up. The bud is so tiny and perfect.
(what is your garden doing on this fine November day?)

this post is from-  A Girl who is happy to be living in the South!

Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.
Job 37:14

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Robin Hart said...

My garden .... well just suffice it to say it is supposed to snow today. I think I have seen my poppies for the last time this year.

I love your gown... and the dot Maline.

Julia said...


Prissy said...

Oh, Jeannie, I love your daygown! I need to order some patterns and get started on one. And there is absolutely nothing blooming in my garden such as it is. The hydrangeas are gone till next year and so are the azaleas. Forget roses in my garden! They all die on me. Sigh......

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