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Wednesday, November 10

White Wednesday - Hand Made Christening Gown.

Christening Gown belongs to my friend Myra
This lovely Christening Gown Set was hand made by May Landry Richard in 1949.  I love the old fashioned look of it and the wonderful softness that is characteristic of baby clothes stitched by hand. 

Click to enlarge for more detail.
This Yoke is beautiful and features lots and lots of tiny Pintucks with embroidery between the sets.  Each set has 6 tucks.  When someone tells you that tucks must be stitched  in uneven sets - well, here is proof that there really are no rules to that effect!

May lived in South Louisiana. French Acadian country.
I love the scalloped collar!  It really sets this gown apart with this collar.  One more special thing about it.

Notice, the back was gathered for extra fullness.
Here you can see that the collar is only one layer of fabric.  It was rolled and whipped and then the lace was attached.

Believe it or not, the hem of the slip is just as fancy!
The pretty hem  has lace  inserted into it and embroidery.  It is edged in lace insertion as well and finished with gathered baby lace.

Little sleeve has lace insertion and edging just like the hem.  I love the dainty lace.

Matching Bonnet.
This would be an easy bonnet to reproduce.  I would use OFB Baby Bonnets 2 to copy it.

Close up of the Bonnet Brim.
I love the Featherstitching, of course.  Very tiny and neat!

Even the Bonnet Crown is embroidered with  Featherstitching and Granitos. And edged with that dainty lace.

I like the fabric ties, edged with lace too!

This is the top of the slip.  The hem of the slip was embellished like the Gown.  There is something extra special about having the Gown, Slip and Bonnet match!!  I can imagine May stitching on this little set as she was waiting for Baby Myra to arrive!

Another French Acadian treasure!

This is my White Post for the week. I am joining Faded Charm!

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Julia said...


Gina said...

I was born that year - what lovely handwork!

Jan said...

You find the most wonderful stuff the share with all of us!

Sherry Richardson said...

What a beautiful treasure to pass down. Love the beautiful collar

Laurie said...

That is breathtakingly beautiful - what a treasure! I love your blog!!!

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