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Monday, December 20

Cute Smocked Dress- Circa 1946

Circa 1946
Photo shared with me by Alexis and used with permission.

This is such a cute picture.  
Notice the old fashioned baby shoes. And the cute bow in her hair. 

This unusual dress features puffed sleeves and smocking at the upper edge of the dress in front.  Alexis wrote to me seeking a similar pattern. I don't know of one.  But if any of you know of a pattern like this one or have suggestions for her, please leave a comment for her on this post.

Thank you.
It feels so good to me to be united beyond time and geography with other women who loved to sew and smock dresses for their little girls!

"I have a photograph of my sister which was taken in 1946. My mum made the dress which I think, has smocking only on the front and it also has curved panels from the shoulder extending to the puff sleeve. There is something on the panels but the photo is so old that we can't make out what it is, even with a magnifying glass.
 I would like to make a copy of it but so far haven't seen a dress made the same style.
(I have been smocking for 15 years and always wondered who I took after and it was only recently we found the photo.

P.S. I live at Kuttabul, in North  Queensland, Australia.

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Peggy said...

When I first looked at this dress, I thought of the one constructed by Janet Gilbert in Sew Beautiful Issue 124, 2009, on page 72. Folks who create these reproductions can better decide if it's close.
Happy stitching,

Denise-Ann said...

Looking at the picture and because you are from Queensland it looks similar to an adaptation of a pattern from the Enid Gilcrest book. These books were popular from 1950-1970 and used by many mothers. regards Denise-Ann

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