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Monday, January 10

Baby Pictures and a Wall.

Me and my oldest daughter.
I love the years I call my "Baby Years".  When I was a mother of small children.  I was what they now call A Stay at Home Mom.  That term did not exist in my time. 

The days were slow and lovely.  I baked bread and watched it rise.
I sewed during nap time or at night.
I watched my babies grow.

I chose pictures that I love.  Special for this wall.  I have more to add.

My special wall.
We replaced the carpet in our bedroom for hardwood flooring (I am hoping my allergies go away!).
So I moved furniture around and I love the new room arrangement.

I laid the pictures out on my bed to see how they would look.

Then I took a deep breath... and hung them the best I could.

I like it!

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Val said...

I think it is beautiful!!!

Julia said...

What beautiful photos! Love the arrangement on the wall. I would have loved to have stayed at home with my girls. As a teacher, at least I had decent hours. I was fortunate to have good child care, too.

Cat said...

Well, I love it!! How awesome. And loved the comment about how life was "slow" Somedays I think I would like slow :)

Jan said...

Love the picture gallery wall!

Eileen said...

Beautiful! I also loved it when my girls were small. I only worked one day a week and spent so much time with them. My husband works from home so we had a lot of time together with them. Bliss!

Michie' Mooney said...

Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing.

The sewing room said...

Your picture wall looks amazing,i stayed home to look after my six for most of th time there were some small hiccups when i had to return to work . I love the colour on your wall what is it?.

Hugs Pat

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