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Thursday, January 20

Sew Sew's Part 2

This is the rest of the post about my Fun with my sewing friends!
I love the little picots.
Diane was working on a new Crochet Edged Baby Blanket.
(which reminds me that I need to do that tutorial I promised you!)

She was referring to Handmades booklet "Samantha's Crochet Edgings" to get the look she wanted.

Someone was embroidering a Pillowcase which was a class project from a visit from teacher Laura Jenkins Thompson.

These wonderful hyacinths perfumed the room.  I love these flowers!
I used the flowers my daughter gave me on the center of my table.

Lunch included a salad with chicken my son grilled for me.
I made Vegetable Soup too but alas no pictures.

I love things that you can eat alot of without the guilt!

Do you know what this is?

It is an Ice Cream Fork

 I love my old silverware  because it was made during a time when no one had anything better to do but think up odd pieces of cutlery for every imaginable use.

I usually base my dessert on my silverware!
I thought up something that required an Ice Cream Fork.
Most of you will think I'm nuts but it's FUN!

We ate our dessert too quickly for me to photograph it but it included Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.  For those of you who have never tasted it,  you are deprived!

So I will describe the Dessert.  Try to imagine this.

Into my pretty bowl I put:

A warm Chocolate Chunk Brownie
A good helping of Ice Cream
Plenty of homemade Chocolate Sauce lavished over it all
and sprinkled with sliced Almonds.

Believe me, it was good!

Bunny is hiding behind the dessert bowl.

Yes, caught on camera!!  Licking the bowl.

We had to wrest it away from her.  For her own good!!

How can we live without our fun loving friends??

are the sweetest flowers
we will find along
Life's busy pathway.
joan walsh anglund

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2011 Jeannie Baumeister


Jan M said...

This post just proves I need to move and be a Sew Sew! I have those same monogrammed pillowcases that need to be completed. I have always wanted to learn to crochet edgings for sweet baby blankets. Last, but not least, I have ice cream forks -- and many other specific-food-item pieces of silver! I really should have been born in another era.

Eileen said...

How fun!

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing the fun.

Sara said...

how blessed you are to have these sweet sewing friends! What a fun time!

Robin Hart said...

I will stop in Dallas and pick up Jan on my way to see you. :) I do not have too many odd pieces of silver, but most of mine is dated 1908 if that counts. And.. I love Blue Bell, especially the Banana split ice cream.

Bridget said...

I found your blog because I'm looking for help with embroidery stitches. I was roped into teaching sewing to my son's 7th grade Life Skills class. We started making mini bean bags on Friday using basic basting & running stitches & tomorrow we're beginning our fleece hat project. I needed some way to keep my hem secured and decided to use embroidery stitches. I could remember making daisy chains many years ago & had to refresh my memory in order to try french knots.
What a delight to see your tea tray (reminds me of spending holidays with my Granny & Granddad in Howick, South Africa) & your friend licking her ice-cream bowl! My mother-in-law licks her ice-cream bowl too!
A South African American in Maryland

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