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Friday, February 11

Wedding Pillows From Pretty Hankies

This is the corner of the larger pillow.
I love the lace.  If you look closely you can see that the Lace insertion is hand Pinstitched to the fabric.

Both of these pillows will be used in the wedding of my Friend's Son. 
 My Friend made the pillows using Handkerchiefs that were meaningful to her. The small one was her Grandmothers and my Friend carried it in her Bridal bouquet.  And the Bride to be chose them for her Ring Bearers Pillows.  What a lucky new Bride to receive such treasures!  And what a lucky future Mother In Law my Friend is, to have such a  sweet  and willing girl to come into her family.

She made a nice cover for the pillows and then tacked the pretty Handkerchiefs to the pillow on the front.  On the back of the pillow is the Bride and Grooms name and date of the wedding.
The Silk Satin Ribbon will tie the Wedding rings to the pillow. 

And while admiring the Pillows, we had tea!
Everything's lovely when you have a cup of tea!
In a pretty cup.

Early Valentine Cookies.

Cookies and Tea,  Cookies and Tea
We'll all get together for Cookies and Tea!

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Kellie said...


Jan M said...

What a special way to use hankies! Those cookies look really yummy!

Julia said...

My daughter's Mother-in-law made a pillow like this from her family's heirloom hankies. One of my granddaughters was the flower princess, the other was the ring pillow princess. I only had 2 grands at that time.

everythingsewing said...

What a wonderful idea and just when I need to come up with two wedding pillows for my son's wedding.

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