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Thursday, March 24

The Enchanted Mansion - A Doll Museum

I went to a Doll Museum with some friends a few weeks ago and wanted to share the pictures with you.

The Enchanted Mansion is right here in Baton Rouge but I had never been before.  And I discovered that they have a Mission Statement.  Their mission? "The sole purpose of The Enchanted Mansion is to benefit the handicapped community."  I had no idea!
There were tons of wonderful Dolls to see.
The Dolls that drew me like a magnet were the antique dolls wearing antique clothes.

I love Baby Bonnets!  
This baby doll was wearing a sweet bonnet made from dotted swiss to match her dress.

The dress was smocked and it reminded me of Emma's Smocked Baby Dresses.

Notice the Ric Rac around the hem.  
The two rows of tiny Ric Rac stitched closely together are a really cute embellishment.

This dolly is wearing a very Heirloom dress.

I love the doll on the left.  Her clothes are part of the doll but are painted on her.  No fun for little girls though.

But I was amazed at the doll in the case.  This would have been my dream Christmas present!!  All the little garments and accessories to go with her.  What amazed me though was that they were all together.  That means this never really belonged to a little girl.  Or else her mother didn't let her play with it!

Another cute Bonnet!  The Baby dolls were all rigged out in Bonnets.
The dress is a soft organdy and the yoke is stitched in tiny pin tucks.   I couldn't get close enough to see if any of these clothes were made by hand or machine.

And at the end of the self guided tour, we were served Tea with pretty China.

It was perfect!

I plan to take my Grandaughters!!

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Kellie said...

Love this post! I have my mother-in-law's childhood doll and I just treasure "Dot" and recently smocked her a little dress and bonnet!

Jan said...

I'm so envious you got to go the this wonderful place! I so wish I could have gone with you. At least I was able to dream of going through this post. Thanks so much for sharing.

Laurie said...

This does look like a wonderful place. I bet the doll with all the accessories and clothing still together was owned by someone like me who keeps things in order.... with the exception of some of my sewing stuff.

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