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Saturday, November 26

Thirty Minutes More!

In case you were curious about how I am doing with my 30 minutes a day thing...

I have the lace edging attached to the lace beading on the sleeves.

And the side seams stitched in a French Seam.

Both of them.
(by the way, I do not stitch over my pins - this is a pre stitching photo!)

 The view I am doing is the dress on the lower left.

moving along....

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Miss Holly said...

Oh my gosh...this dress is going to be a little piece of heaven...I think I would just like to move in for about a week and just watch your every stitching move!!! Making one of these dear little dresses is on my list...and I think we may have a baby girl in our family by April!! I have a strong sense this baby is going to be a girl but we will see! Anyway...I just adore watching you create..I love fussy work so I know I would enjoy problem is of course too many creative projects and of course the house ..the garden the kitties...all of the have too's!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Kellie said...

Bravo on your progress! Amazing whacha can do with 30 lil' ol minutes! Gorgeous work.

Robin Hart said...

Kudos. I love that pattern.

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