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Monday, November 21

Thirty Minutes.

This is the dress we were making at It's Sew Heavenly. 
This one is mine but it's not finished.

 I had a white dress in class but I was making one in pale green (like my students) so I could show the steps as I taught the class.
I want to finish it...but I have so many other things that need done that I can't make it a priority.


Thirty minutes.

Just thirty minutes a day. (I have 10 minutes and 59 seconds left in this picture)
 I set my timer for 30 minutes and I work until the timer goes off.  Sometimes I do sneak in a little extra.  Is that cheating?

And so it will get finished.  By stitching on it for only 30 minutes a day!

I stitched the entredeux to the neck yesterday.  I finished stitching it all down, which took more than the allotted 30 minutes.

 But I finished stitching it down (by hand) while watching the 1968 movie  "Romeo and Juliette" at night, so that doesn't count. 

  I saw that same movie when I was 16 years old.  
Quite shocking to me then.  But so romantic!  And I think I liked it more this time.  I love the music, which I didn't notice when I was 16.  I love the costumes too.  And Romeo and Juliette were just as I remembered them.  So young and attractive!  I could identify with them because, like them, I was young too.

"A Rose by any other name would still smell  as sweet"

Heritage Rose from my garden.
And I never did identify with that saying when I was 16.  
But that Shakespeare...he must have been a gardener!

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Kellie said...

What a wonderful idea... a timer in the sewing room! There is always at least 30 minutes for sewing right! Imagine all the projects that would be finished! Good stocking stuffer idea for my hubby!

Jeannie B. said...

Ok, Kellie...are you in?? What is hovering over your head that you can stitch 30 min a day??

Kathryn said...

What a great idea! Maybe I can finish my dress too!

Jeannie B. said...

Yes indeed you can. It will surprise you how much you can do!! Join us!

Eileen said...

I need to do this! Then I know I will have at least 30 minutes a day of doing something relaxing even during the busy holiday season. What a great idea!

Robin Hart said...

Very good idea! Maybe with 30 minutes a day I can finish several Jeannie UFOs from conventions.

Denise-Ann said...

This will be my new years resolution - to give myself 30 minutes daily to finish my ufps.

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