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Tuesday, December 6

How to Sew Lace to Entredeux.

While I was away at my daughters I tried to keep up my "stitch 30 minutes" on this dress.  One of the things I did was to stitch the lace to the entredeux at the neck.  It took me longer than 30 minutes but not much longer.  And I am slow.

I usually cut the lace for the neck of a baby garment around 22".  Sometimes I don't use the entire 22" piece.  Or, if you like more gathers in your lace, allow a little more.

Remember, you need less gathers when the lace is narrow.  And I like to see the pretty pattern on the lace, which is lost in too many gathers.  This lace is about 3/8" wide.

I have used Madeira Tanne cotton thread in size #80 to stitch the lace to entredeux.
I always use a lightweight cotton thread when sewing lace to anything.

My lace is a off white color so I used off white (ecru) thread.  The color # of this thread is #504.

You always match the color of your thread to your lace.

Stitching in progress - Lace to Entredeux - at the neck.

Mark the center of your lace piece and mark the center of your garment neck so that when the lace is gathered they will line up.  That way the gathers will be even along your neck edge.

I gather all my lace to fit the neck edge before I begin to stitch and I adjust the gathers as I stitch.  To gather the lace, pull the very top thread in the heading.  For more control of the gathers you can pull the top two threads in the lace heading.  Some laces are looser than others and pulling two threads in the heading can really help you.  For this lace, I pulled (gently) the top two threads in the heading.

Position the lace heading along the entredeux, right sides together and stitch with the right side of the garment toward you.

Because I am right handed, I will stitch from right to left.

Bring the needle through each hole of the entredeux, coming from the back (wrong side) of the entredeux.

The needle will come from the back of the entredeux to the right side of your garment just under the lace heading, binding them together.  Remember, you must stitch through each hole of the entredeux. 

A picture showing exactly how it looks as I stitch it. I moved my thumb for the picture.
 I can see the hole of the entredeux through the lace so I am able to stitch as I am holding it over my finger.

I keep my thumb against the lace to keep it from shifting as I stitch.

It is important to keep a little tension on the entredeux/lace as you stitch and holding it over my finger makes this easy.

The tension is important.  It needs to be snug enough to prevent gaps in the lace and entredeux but not so tight that it wants to pucker or your thread breaks.

For more instruction on stitching lace to entredeux, go to this Lesson.

I don't have a lace "stash".  I have a collection!  
And I love to add to my collection!!

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