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Wednesday, January 18

Day 2 of Sewing in Lake Charles

On Day 2 of sewing, we worked on the Embellished Sweet and Simple Daygown.  
I love this Daygown!  

We hand stitched tucks, which I love to do.  And I heard (from more than one lady) "That wasn't bad, it didn't take much time at all".  I am always happy if you just try new things, even if it is the only time you do it.  Because, you just never know....

Always cut on the outside of the black line of OFB patterns. Probably all patterns!
Proper pinning and cutting is important!

I was the guest of one of the members of the group.

When I woke up in the morning and looked outside....this is what I saw!!

I don't think I would ever leave home if this was the view of my world!

Cute Daygown sleeve.


She had an amazing garden.  
And I loved her little garden critters., back home and on to other adventures!!

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Eileen said...

Beautiful project and a beautiful view while you were there! Sounds like a great trip to me!

Angela Lee said...

Beautiful on all accounts. Are those little lazy daisy stitches on the sleeve?

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