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Saturday, January 21

Fun with the Sew Sew's in New Orleans!

I love Lorraine's fagoting. So pretty!
Lorraine P made this sweet Bonnet for the Wee Care project.  
It will go to a local hospital. 

Lorraine B sews a Baby Gift.
This is going to be a Baby Sacque using a design I featured in Sew Beautiful magazine.
The Sacque is from a out of print pattern of mine.

But you can use the Sacque from my other pattern.

Lorraine B. is queen of the Bullion Rose!

From the window.
We went to New Orleans for this Sew Sew get together.  
It's only an hour from my house.

Jennie had made this pillowcase.  I LOVE it!!

It is the perfect little project for Grandchildren to sew.

Each strip is cut 4 1/2".  And she used two fabrics for some of them.  She did it because she ran out of fabric.  But I think it is cutest because of the joins.  I would do it on purpose.

The reverse side of the Pillow case is one solid piece of fabric.  That way, you can lay your head on a smooth surface and it is comfortable as well as pretty.  Don't you like it?

Home of Pralines!  And Shutters that really work.

going home we see people waiting for the Street Car

It is a serious mode of transportation here.
And here comes the Street Car!

until next time.....

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2012 Jeannie Baumeister


Jan M said...

Looks like you had a fun little get away. I hope you also treated yourself to delicious pralines and other New Orleans goodies!

Jenn said...

Hey there. Lovely items in your post - they look so flawless and wonderful - you know they just flow together. I mentioned your smocking and blog on my Pink Saturday post today. I'm just so wowed by your talent and products.
I loved visiting New Orleans. Have you read "Recovering Charles" by Jason F. Wright? It takes place mostly in New Orleans, in the aftermath of Katrina. Good book. (Tough read b/c of Katrina but worth reading). Anyway, enjoyed seeing some of New Orleans as well as yours and Jennie's handiwork. Keep it up! Thanks, Jenn (For some reason, the word verification isn't taking. I've tried six times or so, and changed accounts from OpenID to Google. I've reopened the comments and am going to try again, here goes . . . .)

Jenn said...

The only thing I can figure about that failure to take my comment is that the box that came up was not wide enough for me to see the edges of what I typed,so I enlarged it. When I closed it and reopened it, I didn't enlarge it just left it as it is (can't see the left margin of what I'm typing). Thought I'd tell you what I found, just in case you're experiencing problems with it otherwise. Jenn

WendyBee said...

Oh, Jeannie,
I am so grateful for your blog! You show me a world so different from my own! It is so beautiful and juuuust about now, in January, when I am chilly and have no NRG, it is very refreshing to see your beautiful world. (And it never fails to entertain me when you begin to welcome Spring in February!)
I really like the color palette of the bullion roses embroidery at the top of the post -- just beautiful!
Thanks for the lovely post.

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