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Wednesday, March 21

This kind lady (Ann)  and her husband hosted me in their home.

This was Ann's First Communion Dress. Love all the tucks!
 It was made of Organdy as many of them were.

And I think the collar is very attractive too.  The lace edging is gently gathered onto the lace insertion.

Then,  someone brought in Vintage Pillow Cases to show me.
I love Old Embroidered  Pillow Cases! 
Don't you love the Crochet worked in the Hemstitching.  The Hemstitching was done on the old Hemstitch machines..  And White on White embroidery is always elegant.

These are the three Pillowcases I was able to see.

Pretty pink and white embroidery here!

One more thing to show you next time.....

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Angela Lee said...

Love those pillows and that pink. What kind of stitch is that pink one? At first glance I thought it was a lazy daisy, but upon closer inspection, it looks like something different. Just curious.

Jeannie B. said...

well, I think there is room for question about those flowers. Like you, I thought they were lazy daisy petals but looking closely I am not sure about them and I don't have access to the pillow cases now. .They were shown to me when I was in St. Louis. Wish I had looked closer at the time

vincie said...

I love the First Communion dress. I can just barely remember mine but I think it looked a lot like this one. Lots of memories! And the pillowcases are lovely too.

Cynthia said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. You are the only heirloom sewing blog I have found. You should read my post about heirloom gowns.

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