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Sunday, April 22

Memphis Vintage Tea Towel.

Very pretty towel.
My host in Memphis took me to an antique shop and I came away with this treasure.

It is made from Huck toweling.  And the flowers are so pretty.
Bright and cheerful colors.

I want to reproduce it. 
 But probably not in a Tea Towel.  And I might use different stitches. So that is not exactly reproducing it, is it?

Flowers are stitched with Satin Stitching.  And the hemstitching is a nice touch.

I don't think it is really a Tea Towel because it is so large.
I thought it would be just the thing to dry my china and silver after special dinners.

Is that strange?

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Kellie said...

Almost too pretty to use... absolutely perfect to dry special china after a special dinner with special people!

myletterstoemily said...

i think it is a lovely idea to use a beautifullly
embroidered towel to dry your china. it will
make the special evening last through the
clean up.

modern professional superwoman said...

They are actually bath towels. Nice to use in summer.

modern professional superwoman said...

These are linen bathroom towels. If they are small they ar hand towels. If they are large they are regular bath towels. They are nice to use in summer.

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