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Sunday, April 15

Tea With My Granddaughter

After we had Tea, we went to an Antique Shop  to look around and I found these Pillowcases.
My Granddaughter liked looking at the old stuff and I was very happy.

We were celebrating my Granddaughters 13th Birthday and I wanted it to be special.  
My daughter  came  with us which made it even nicer.

It was alot of fun to have Tea in a real Tea Room.  But I was able to see that I do a pretty good job myself of doing a tea.  Still, going out for tea was a treat.

The staff at the shop did go to some effort to make it a special day for her and she was very pleased.

Back to the Pillowcase....I love the pretty flowers.
And the machine Hemstitching that was used as a design element.

The back of the embroidery shows you how they carried the threads in an organized fashion.

To all you antique dealers. 

 NEVER pin the price tag into the fabric.  It often breaks the threads and creates holes that enlarge with washing.  We need a little more tender loving care out there!

Next stop for these pillowcases...on my bed!

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Kellie said...

what a fun day with your grand!

Martha said...

What beautiful girls, all of you. It looks like you had a great time.

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