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Friday, July 20

Sew With Me!

Sew With Me is the Shop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where I was teaching last week.
I think it is such a cute name!
This shop is very customer oriented, which is the best kind of shop to visit.

There is pretty fabric and garment displays which inspire!

The Notions Wall is always a favorite of mine. 
 I am always looking for something I can't live without!
Something that will make sewing better or easier.

There are many "Ready To Smock" garments just waiting to be smocked, for those of us who love to do the fun stuff (Smocking) and be done with it.

Sew With Me has  the Viking line of sewing machine which is one of the best available.  And great for Heirloom Sewing, I might add.

This is Linda, the shop owner. 
 She is standing in front of a quilt she made. 

 I love this quilt. I have seen it made up before.  Some of you might remember the SAGA Convention where a quilt like this was The  Item in a Raffle Basket.  Members in the St. Louis Smocking Guild made the quilt and gave it to be raffled away for the mere price of a Raffle Ticket ($1.00).   
Many a ticket was stuffed into their Raffle Box!

This quilt block is using my embroidery design.

I had to show you this sign. 

It is taped to the window, right next to the door.  Linda got tired of telling people that "No, we do not do alterations.  We specialize in Heirloom Sewing and Smocking".

Why does everyone think that if you sew, you will do alterations?

Personally, I hate alterations. There is nothing creative about it.   My solution was to stack things on the dryer until the owner of the garment outgrew it.  Problem solved.  Now, I just ask if they need French Lace sewn onto their pants.  If the answer is no, well there is the answer!

To visit this cute little shop.....

5297 Old Hwy 11, Suite 2
Hattiesburg, MS  39402

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2012 Jeannie Baumeister


kr said...

What quilt pattern is that? It's adorable! Love all the pictures of your sewing event. Looks like a great time.

Jeannie B. said...

Contact Linda and she can give you all the information you need. She might even have the pattern...or book. Not sure which. Anyone know?

Kellie said...

I could get lost in that little store! Love the little dress quilt!

Karyn said...

I would much rather smock than alter anything. Dh goes around with pants that are always 4" too long. He really has to put the pressure on before I will shorten them (a quick job but BORING!)
The quilt is lovely with all the little outifts on it. Country Bumpkin has a similar quilt in a book called Sweet memories. it has four little dresses on it plus one on a cushion.

suziwong said...

Lovely to hear of a "customer oriented" store...if we had more of these in my neck of the woods i'd do much less online shopping.

Nice post :)

Jan said...

Jeannie, thank you for posting the "no alterations sign". I work in a fabric store, but I don't take on clients to sew for. Most are surprised to hear that. I suppose they think that just because I sew (smocking is my fave) that I should want to take clients. My sewing is fun time for me away from demands of people. I help people for a living at the fabric store. I give all day long. I think I deserve my private time to be about what makes me happy.

Melissa Harris said...

It looks like Brenda Shades' patterns.

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