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Thursday, August 30

Hurricane Issac and Me

This is an antique mail sorting table. All cleaned up.
This is where I sew.

When the wind and rain became very scary and tornados were predicted, I hauled my sewing machines into the safety of my hall.

Cleared of my sewing machines, it seemed like a good time to clean all the dust and lint away.

It  blew and blew, the water in the pond rose and our lights flickered.

This morning (Thursday), kids were out fishing, though the sky has darkened and rain falls off and on. The water has begun to recede.

Everything is fine here at my house.

My sewing machines are back in their places.

And for me, the Hurricane is over (knock on wood, it's still stormy outside)!

We never lost power.  I can't believe I can say it, but we NEVER lost power. We have lights and best of all, we have air conditioning!  A first in my Hurricane experience.

  And we have company, because all my kids were not so lucky with their electricity.

For many people in Louisiana, having electricity is the least of their Hurricane problems.  Flooding was a factor for them. And for those without power, it is very, very hard because it is so hot here in August.

"How often 
are we listening to yesterday, 
when today
 stands ready to speak."
joan walsh anglund

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Eileen said...

I was thinking about all of you in the path. Glad to hear you came through it! I hope your kids are able to return home soon.

Goosegirl said...

I am so glad you came through the storm safe and sound. :-)

seamsgreat said...

I had been keeping you and your family in my prayers as Issac came to visit. I am glad you are all safe!

Miss Holly said...

Thank God!!! I do not like hurricanes !!! So so happy you are safe and sound!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jeannie, Sooooo glad to read your blog today. I have been thinking of you all this time. I am relieved that you had no damage and you DID have the fun of all the kids. Last time power went out in DC, my kids came down, and we had fun cooking up all the stuff from the freezer. :) Miss Dot and I send our love and big hugs.

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