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Tuesday, September 18

Stitching In My Garden - A Bonnet

I am smocking a Ruffled Brim Bonnet. Pattern is from Baby's Smocked Layette.
Today, I have been enjoying my stitching outside in the wonderful light.

I'm smocking my bonnet with one of my favorite colors, Anchor #48, pink.

And drinking Peppermint tea.

It has the most wonderful aroma.  Even if you don't want to drink the tea,  just pour it into a pretty cup and smell it, it will be worth your while.  Sure to brighten anyone's day!

My Brown Dog, sitting by my chair.
I am never alone when I stitch outside.

White Angel Trumpets.
And, look what glory is blooming in my garden!!

Enjoy your day.

This is my White Wednesday for this week.

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Kellie said...

What a cozy little spot to stitch... jealous, its raining here! But I just finished stitching a bonnet... now for construction!

WendyBee said...

Angel Trumpets!! Angel trumpets? I have never heard of these before, and not only do I love what they look like, I am *in love* with their name! Oh, what heraldry! What glorious Good News! They certainly do proclaim the beauty of God's creation.
Anyway, I was planning to comment to admire your stitching project bonnet and your lovely garden setting and tea, when the Angel Trumpets riveted my attention and completely captured my fancy!

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