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Tuesday, October 23

SAGA Fun Tour Comes to an End!

Well, first let me point out this cute Button Bracelet that one of the ladies in our group was wearing.  It was made by her sewing friend.

Our last Tour stop was the Botanical Garden.
I loved this place.

I don't quite understand what this is all about but apparently we happened on the Garden when the "Scarecrow Event" was taking place.  They were cute, pretty, scary, weird...everyone was covered here.  Groups made these "Scarecrows" to be judged at a later date. They were everywhere.

We were in search of the Lace Scarecrow that was somewhere in this huge garden and our guide took up the challenge to help us find it.

This display (how is this a Scarecrow?) was called "Sewn the Coop!" - get it?  The little stitched chickens were large versions of the cute little Pincushions we were given as a door prize a few years ago at SAGA convention. 

I took this pictures for all the old Hippies out there.
If you were a hippie - honk your horn!
( know who you are!)

We passed a Rose Garden, much to my delight.

Barbara Meger standing by the flowers.
And we saw these MONSTER Impatients.

There was a Bull Frog pond.

Amazing Orchids in the Orchid House!!

We found her..."The Lace Fairy (Scarecrow)!"

She really is made from Lace!

And I leave the tour with this wonderful quote from the Garden.

Be rich in Joy!

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