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Sunday, October 21

SAGA: More Fun In Atlanta - Swan House

A Happy Group of Saga's!
Lunch was arranged for us at the Swan Coach House.

We toured the "Big House" which was interesting (best part of the house is the Butlers Pantry) but they didn't allow photographs inside.  And some of the furniture was removed from the rooms because they had just finished filming The Hunger Games.  

Barbara Meger and I  enjoying our lunch.
(The wind got the best of my hair!   In my mind, I looked better.)

Fresh Roses on the Table.
The dining rooms were charming. 
 Large windows with soft light streaming in.

When coffee was served, I asked if I might have tea.  What a surprise when they brought me this lovely teapot filled with steaming Earl Grey!!  And look at the Roses on the Teapot.  They knew just what I liked.  

And I would have liked to bring this Teapot home with me!

This amazing dessert is shaped like a Swan.  It was delicate and beautiful.  Inside the whipped cream is Chocoate Mousse!  Yumm

They had printed up this card for our lunchen room.

It was a wonderful experiance and I would go back in a heartbeat!

Very cute Playhouse!
The rooms were small but perfectly proportioned.  And we could stand up (just) and walk through them.  It was like being Alice in Wonderland.

This is the door knocker on the playhouse.
Love the details.

A sweet statue in the playhouse garden.

I am standing beside a fountain in this photo.  Look through the garden wall opening.  Do you see the elephant statue?

This was so much fun and great company too.  And I loved that it was all arranged for me.  I just showed up!  There is a museum too and that is where we will go next post.  

I didn't get past the textile exhibit in the museum and was mesmerised by the way the quilts were displayed.  Well,  you'll see....

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