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Friday, November 9

Memories In A Sewing Box

I love Sewing Boxes, as I bet many of you do too.
When out with a friend at a nearby antique shop, I spied this Sewing Box.

It has a unique top that opens with a clever string that keeps the top from coming completely off.
It is a lovely shade of pale green.  And very sturdy.

The inside is just right for a project in progress.  And little pegs for thread make it quite handy.

But the thing that touched my heart was the name on the inside of the box.  Do you see a white name tag with a blue border?  The Name on it is Mary -------.

Mary had passed away a year or two ago and I knew her well.  She was a member of my Church Sewing Circle.  She carried this box to our meetings so she would be well supplied to stitch on the quilts we made for the homeless in our city.

I think she would be pleased to know that I have her Sewing Box.
I see her smiling face every time I look at it.

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Marilou Bain said...

I noticed your post when the sweet sewing box caught my eye. I have one in Pink and I love it, I have had it since 1970 and still use it, sweet memories of days gone by:)
Hugs Marilou

Kellie said...

Beautiful Box... even sweeter knowing the previous owner!

Rebecca said...

These old sewing boxes make my heart sing. I wish someone would make them again...

Bought many on eBay over the years.

Beautiful...Love, R

WendyBee said...

What a lovely story. I treasure some of my vintage items for imagining them being used by some owner who has now since passed. I can concoct some very sentimental stories, which are probably optimistic! In your case, you actually have memories of this box being used by its owner. That is usually only the case when you have directly inherited an item. What a lovely piece to have and with a lovely true story!

The English Romantic said...

What a delight to find your blog and shop. I shall be spending lots of time reading through all your posts ans will be ordering soon.
I've just finished the trilogy of the book you were reading and visit this area of London often. Have you seen the tv series too? It was a wonderful read all the more amazing as it in my lifetime.
Smiles, Angela.

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