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Thursday, December 20

Three Things I Love

I Love Christmas Tea in my Sewing Room.

With a Friend!!

I Love watching Midsomer Murders on my (apparently dirty screened) IPad in front of the fire or anywhere else!  (Thank you Suzette for the suggestion)

I Love my Brown Dog!

He is sooooo funny!!  This is the exact step on my staircase where the cats like to sit and look out the railing to see whats going on.  They are usually hiding from my Brown Dog.  He wants to be just like them and do everything they do but he sure looks ridiculous!!

I keep telling him he's a dog but he doesn't get it.  
That's why I send him to Doggie Play Day on occasion.  He needs dogs to play with!

Have a happy day!

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Karen said...

I love your big brown dog, too! Seeing your dishes makes me smile. We use our Christmas Spode every day during December and January. It started as a gift from my dad and step-mom in 1993 and I've added to my set so that I have dishes for LOTS of people for Christmas dinner.
Three things I love:
*Having my daughter home from college.
*Cuddling with my two shih tzu girls.
*Sewing baby clothes. (I recently used one of your patterns to make a Christmas set for a friend's grand. You can see pics on my blog.)

Louise Michie said...

Brown dog behaves like a cat. My cat behaves like a dog and begs food from the table. Luckily all mammals seem to understand each other.
Three things I like at this time are sparkly tree ornaments, Poirot DVDs, and glace fruit.

The English Romantic said...

I also love afternoon tea and watching the wonderful Inspector Barnaby in Midsomer Murders. Wouldn't want to live in Midsommer Norton though, not a safe place to be with so many crimes.!!
Smiles, Angela.x

Kellie said...

I love seeing that big ol chocolate drop in your pics! Ya just wanna hug him!

Rebecca said...

Oh your sweet brown doggie.

I'll be away for weeks as I heal up from hand surgery (both hands). I'll be back before long and will catch up on what I've missed.

Merry Christmas sweet friend.


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