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Wednesday, January 23

Sew Sews - I know Famous People!

Sew Sews Shirley and Lorraine are sisters.
Their nephew is Clint from the TV program "Swamp People".
He made a guest appearance at our sewing group and took us over to his Turtle Farm.
He was a very nice young man.

And we all had our picture taken with him!

Shirley is a Quilter. 
 I love this simple quilt made from squares that are arranged in a pretty pattern.

We all loved this Quilt.  She  made it for her Grandson. 

The small appliqued hand print is his print when she started the quilt.  The large handprint is his print when she finished the quilt!  We can all relate to that.

We also visited her brother, a talented wood carver.

This is a picture taken along the road to her brothers house.
The swamps of Louisiana are beautiful.

Fun times with the Sew Sews!

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1 comment:

Cheryl M. said...

Great post - pics - and quilts! :) I am related to famous people also...hahaha! My Swamp People relative is "Trigger Tommy"....his mother and I are first cousins. :) My father and her father are brothers! :)

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