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Wednesday, February 27

Pairs Sister Trip - Snow in Paris

I had wished for a day in Paris where it would snow.
I got my wish!  We woke up to snow in Paris and I was happy!!

We started our day with the Gregorian Chant service in Notre Dame.
It was beautiful.

Some more walking about in the freezing snow.  The kind that melts when it hits you!  OK, enough snow, I only wanted a glimpse!!

Charvin Art Supplies - in Paris since 1830
We took respite in this marvelous Art Shop.  
And enjoyed ourselves very much.

Then we toured La Sainte-Chapelle
It is amazing.

The beautiful domed ceiling of the lower Chapel.

 Then you walk up the stairs to the Kings Chapel and the beauty is overwhelming.  My photos don't begin to do it justice.

It took my breath away!

We finished our day with a trip to Angelina's Tea Salon for their famous Hot Chocolate. It was every bit as good as the guide book said it would be.  The quote was:

 "Hot Chocolate worth flying to Paris for"!

Au Revoir for now....

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WendyBee said...

I love the pictures in the cathedrals -- I could almost hear the Gregorian chants!
And I had to chuckle about the snow and remind myself that you are from La. We have had the 3rd snowiest February on record, and I'm ready for Spring!

alindbergh said...

Saint Chappelle was my fav too! Will have to try the hot chocolate next time :)

Unknown said...

Saint Chapelle is my favorite Paris cathedral!

Anonymous said...

When I was in Paris two years ago, we took in an evening concert at Sainte Chapelle. It was glorious, the setting sun streaming through the wonderful stained glass while the chamber group played Vivaldi - of all the gorgeous things I saw in France, it remains my favourite memory.

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