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Sunday, February 10

Stitching For Downton Abby!

I am back to the easy "Running Stitch" and no thinking for watching Downton Abby!!
My Quilt is coming along nicely, don't you think?

I am so proud of myself!

Use 1/4" Quilters Tape.
I am piecing it as per Bernadette's instructions.  
The way she does it is so easy!

Tear off a piece of tape to place right along the edge of the fabric you are piecing. You can reuse it a  few times too.  Then stitch right next to the tape.  Wa La....your seams are perfect 1/4" seams!!  Actually you are a needles width away from 1/4", so stay close to the tape.
Easy Peasy!!

I am thinking....what a great application for French Hand sewing.  The seams on most of my garments are 3/8", so the first stitching in a French Seam is 1/4".  Use this tape and the seams are perfect.  After you trim, press and put right sides together you will stitch a 1/8" seam.  The narrow 1/8"  is easy to eyeball.

I love new applications that make it easier.

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1 comment:

WendyBee said...

I followed your lead, and took up some low-concentration-required knitting for watching DA last night. I see Isobel and Violet are back to their amusing sniping, but everything else came as a surprise. I have growing respect for Branson, who always only irritated me before. I look forward to next Sunday with a mixture of dread (for the Season to end) and anticipation.

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