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Tuesday, April 30

Saga Retreat Was Great Fun!

Jane Brisco, Cindy Foose and Gail Doane waiting for our flight.
The Saga Retreat started for me at the Detroit Airport.  
I met up with Sewing Friends for the final flight into State College, PA.

My Friday class was "Daygown Design and Application"
I loved this 9 hour class.

We learned how to change about a pattern to get different looks.
Then the students began designing their own Daygowns.
It was like Project "Daygown" Runway!!

There were great ideas being formed and I enjoyed seeing the creative process go to work!
This will be the Daygown back.  It will have the center pleat at the back with a tuck on either side of the center pleat.  I love this look!

A sleeve was designed and stitched in class!

She used the Shadow Embroidered Bows from my Embroidery Book.
Someone brought in Daygowns she had made using my pattern "Sweet and Simple Baby Daygown Collection".

Love the color choices.
I love it when students bring in garments they made using my OFB patterns!!

This design is on page 30 of my Embroidery Book.

The Daygowns had slips. 
 The ruffle on this slip was finished with the Shell Hem.
Very pretty and economical too!

A pretty touch of lace was added at the hem on this Daygown.
The lace design came from my Baby Daydresses Pattern.

Her garments were all very pretty and a delight to see.

Each teacher had a small market in their Teaching Room after class.
That was fun, too!

more to come about the Saga Retreat...

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2013 Jeannie Baumeister

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