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Friday, May 17

Emma's Frist Communion Dress. Part 2

While fixing the First Communion dress for Emma to wear, 
I made her American Girl doll a matching dress.
Notice pink around the waist, just like Emma wanted for her own dress. 
Here is Emm'a doll dress all finished and being worn by her cousins doll.

I didn't use all of the trims like I used on Emma's dress since the doll dress needed to be a much smaller scale.

Unlike Emma's dress, I didn't cut the fabric away behind the fancy band of insertion.  This was easier and made it more stable so it can be taken on and off and on and off etc., etc. by Emma.

The fix to Emma's dress was to unstitch the underarm of the sleeve from the armhole all the way down to the Swiss beading.  I overcast the raw edges with a seam binding so it doesn't unravel while being worn and I will remove the binding and re-sew it afterward. The ribbon at the sleeve will keep the sleeve in place.

Since Emma doesn't live here, I will have to wait until they receive the package and try the dress on before I know how it worked out.

This is real life, folks!

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Kris C said...

Good save on the dress Jeanne! The doll dress is going to be a big hit, it's a perfect match - except for the red boots!!

Sewbusymor said...

What a wonderful mimi you are!! And Blessed to share such a special dress within the family. I know they are thankful that you could make it work!!

Jeannie B. said...

Ha! Chris, I was too lazy to take off the boots when trying the dress on my other Granddaughters borrowed doll! It had to be shipped on that day!

Martha said...

Great save!!! I wondered how you were going to alter it to go over her cast. And you are so right, this is real life!

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